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Who, Where and When?
I am a Street Artist and Graphic Designer born in Chile and living in Norway. I started painting over 25 years ago. 



How would you describe your art?
As playful, vibrant and mystic.
My style is recognizable for its fantasy, vivid colors, plants, rainbows and eyes. 



Why rainbows and eyes?
Ever heard that the eyes are the windows of the soul? :)
The rainbow is a natural phenomenon caused by water and sunlight, two important elements that support life on this planet.

It truly is a feast for the eyes, knowing that everyone's perception of a rainbow is completely unique.
For me it symbolises life and freedom. 



Why do you paint what you paint?
I'm a huge fan of nature. It inspires me; I feel good in it, It never bores me and It often reveals something that amuses me.

This, I try to pass on to my work.
In my head I see my characters as urban/indigenous beings, that have come to remind us of our connection to nature.



Where do you see yourself in 20 years from now?
Painting I hope! I myself wonder what my art will look like in the far future. As my art is a reflection of my feelings, learnings

and experiences, I know that it will be different.

That is the only certainty.



* A quick interview done by my beloved wife, Claudia.

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