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Øygarden - Norway 2023

H2 Production is a newly established hydrogen production plant in Energiparken in Øygarden. Here, pure hydrogen will be produced from natural gas with capture of CO2. Size: 25 x 5 mts.

Mo i Rana - Norway 2022

Size:8 x14mts.

Jevnaker - Norway 2021

"Flora and Fauna" Size: 21x17mts.

Flekkefjord - Norway 2021

"Moss Green And the 4 birds" Size: 37x9 mts.

Cobquecura - Chile 2021


Bergen - Norway 2020

"Hey, what do you got there?" Size: 6x3 mts. -Summer Vibes. Like when you meet new souls, and feel joyful, playful, energized and curious. That state of being is truly a gem.

San carlos - Chile 2020

"Machi" Size: 12x4 mts.

Cobquecura - Chile 2020


Nesttun Senter - Bergen - Norway 2019

"Daughter of Nature" Size: 12x9mts. How disconnected we humans are from nature, rejecting or ignoring the fact that we are all one. I hope her presence will remind us all of that connection 🌎🌈 This is my last mural in Norway for this year. Its located in Nesttun Sentrum, done just in time before heading back to Chile to spend the spring/summer/painting season there.

Bergen - Norway 2019

"SQUID HELP ME" Harem - M.u.M - Colab

Chillan - Chile 2019

"The Farmer" 20 x 2,5mts. Feat Adrian This farmer not only cultivates the land, he also cultivates common sense, reason and love. It does not make sense to increase the productivity of food with practices that are destroying the planet. Small farmer force!

Lofoten (Ballstad), Norway. 2018

"Ballstad Fox" Size: 16x9mts.

Måløy - Norway 2017

"Fiddler Crab" Size: 8x8 mts.

Bergen - Norway 2017

"The Mother" Size: 16x25 mts. is meditating for us humans to live a conscious life rather than a compulsive life. Be aware of the planet being destroyed by big companies owned by people who lack moral reasoning and love. The bees are dying due to all pesticides used on our food. And if they go extinct, the planet will not be able to sustain many other lifeforms. Its time to meditate! I want to thank

Bergen - Norway 2017

"The sad wolf"

Bergen - Norway 2016

"Et troll i Bergen" Size: 8x24 mts.

Reykjavik - Iceland 2016


Bergen -  Norway 2016

"Troll Bombin in Paradis"

Berlin 2015

Emma Pea Vegetarian Food *

Riga - Latvia 2014

"Watering of the Plant"

Bergen - Norway 2014

"Stolen Child" AFK - M.u.M Colab

Bergen - Norway 2013


Chillán - Chile 2013

"My Culture"

Bergen - Noruega 2012

With Bares

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